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Veliaj's fight for the leadership of the opposition after April 25

Veliaj's fight for the leadership of the opposition after April 25

There can be no more appropriate illustration of the negative balance of the current majority than the parade of 'semiVIP's' with whom Veliaj is walking at the beginning of this long election campaign.

Actors, clowns, singers, in the autumn of their careers, who appear to fill the political, economic, and moral gap of the Renaissance, which tries to find in their faces news headlines with which to follow the pseudo-event: Assembly Meeting of the SP in Zall Bastar.

Meetings that are generously broadcast in the national media, because as the Romans said, not the grandmother of the prime minister, pecunia non olet (money does not smell); in which there is no program fragment, but only Veliaj's whispers against political opponents.

Apparently, this will be the only task of the head of Tirana in this election, that of 'being attacked'. A role that has always known to lead him to the highest octave. Therefore, with the same zeal and shamelessness with which he drafted the messages on Griselda of Kavaja, he rushed with political attacks to the leader of the opposition. Taking back two defamation lawsuits from Blue Headquarters.

However, it is clear that the decree coming from Surrell, which is forcing him to advance the wage with Roman, is not the only reason that is pushing him to shine in his vileness. Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by this campaign, Veliaj seems more determined to use this vacancy from the work of the Municipality, to consolidate his role in the Socialist Party.

So not just a rostrum to forge the image of a national politician, but a springboard to jump towards a future without Rama. Clearly, Basha is for him an artificial enemy, a target that has been set for this election, while Rama is a natural enemy, as an obstacle to ambitions that Veliaj no longer hides.

Of course, losing the election would disable the media fireworks to date, drying up the source with which the rapid political climb was financed, the building permits. However, the 3.5 million square meters with which Tirana has breathed its last, along with the cleaning of at least 1.6 billion euros from informal sources, constitute a reservoir from which it can aim for the throne of the Socialist Party.

And to achieve this, it is not enough to face Basha, but he definitely needs Rama's defeat. After a third term of the current leader of the SP, would turn Veliaj's ambitions into a wish list, entirely dependent on the humor of an all-powerful prime minister in the SP who, at the end of his political journey, with many will likely be handed over to the old adagios after me, mourning'.
In this case, Veliaj would have nothing left to inherit but the nickname 'money laundering', a political party consumed by galloping misgovernment and the public remnant of the dirty work it has done with and for Rama. Therefore, as he knows, the path to his future at the helm of the SP passes through the victory of his 'enemy of the enemy'.

For this reason, his daily appearances are not only the implementation of an electoral task but the feverish attempt to, on Monday, April 26, be the main candidate for leading the opposition. It is no secret that Veliaj already enjoys the support of a large 'anti-Rama' faction in the ranks of the Socialists, among whom Xhafaj and Majko stand out.

Nor the fact that he has already built his entourage within the SP, composed of loyalists of MJAFT and G99, enriched by clientelistic connections with the world of media and business. An ideal community of combinations, which faithfully follow in the footsteps taken years ago by his guarantor in the SP. Moreover, following the manual is so faithful, that in the well-known style of the Renaissance, it can be understood from these moments, who will be Veliaj's candidate for the 'shadow' minister of agriculture in the new Socialist opposition…

* by Gazeta MAPO

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