Luizi is thinking of leaving "Big Brother VIP Albania"

Luizi is thinking of leaving "Big Brother VIP Albania"

Luiz Ejlli is against a significant part of the residents of "Big Brother VIP Albania" and apparently, although he does not give up, this thing is tiring him day by day.

In a conversation with Kiara Tito late in the evening, Luizi said:

"I want to go out for God. I don't believe I earn it so… How do I know. I will endure as long as I can, but I can't take it anymore. Everyone against, hangs down a peg every day to see where I am, how I am. There will come a moment when I will be embarrassed and I will go out of my way. Three months is a long time, it depends on who comes."

Kiara told him that he shouldn't give up so quickly, but Luiz said that the situation is getting difficult when he has everyone against him.

"I am against them all together, they are all together and I don't know what to do anymore. I am neither invincible, nor invulnerable, nor the strongest, I am who I am. I know myself, I can't fight this long. I'm not giving up, but I'm against everyone."

Yesterday, he had a fierce argument with Olta Gixhar, where both of them burst out insulting each other.

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