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Vin Veli talks about the relationship with Bora Zeman

Vin Veli talks about the relationship with Bora Zeman

Even though they are years apart and each has moved on with their own lives, Bora Zeman and Vin Veli will always be united by a great love, such as their son Arbori. They have shown that they know how to be exemplary parents regardless of the relationship between them. So, for example, a year ago they appeared together with their son at his priming party.

But what is their relationship like beyond what we see on social networks? This question was answered by the famous Dj himself in a recent interview.

"The relationship is very good. It has always been understanding. We have always been together for our commonality, the son," he told T7.

When asked about his son, Vin Veli said that he is always by his side. And when he is away from Tirana, he communicates by phone.

"I see Arbori often, all the time. Even if I'm not in Tirana, I connect several times a day. It's on my mind all the time, 24 hours a day," he said.

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