Kurti Announces Cancelling of Tariffs on Serbian Goods from April 1

Starting from March 15, the tariffs on the import of raw material from Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina (B-H) would be canceled, and if Serbian side should show goodwill, starting from April 1 all other tariffs would be canceled for a period of 90 days, Kosovo Prime Minister AlbinKurti said on Thursday, news agencies reported.

Kurti said that the canceling of tariffs for the import of raw material was “a sign of goodwill” of Kosovo to resolve the problems and mutual relations.

He said that he would expect Serbian Government’s response to this by stopping the campaign for the withdrawal of Kosovo recognitions and “removing other non-tariff obstacles”.

Kurti specified that, only if Serbia should show true commitment to mutual measures, Kosovo would completely cancel the 100 percent tariff, introduced in November 2018.

He called the EU to support his proposal.

Kurti announced that, if Serbia should fail to honor Kosovo’s will to remove economic barriers, Kosovo Government would start implementing reciprocity, first in the area of trade and then in the area of economy and politics, starting from April 1.

He specified that 100 percent tariff would be reinstated on June 15 “if Serbia should not change in the meantime”.