Hungary is expected to ratify Sweden's membership in NATO

Hungary is expected to ratify Sweden's membership in NATO

Hungary's ruling party, Fidesz, proposed on Tuesday that the Hungarian Parliament should vote on February 26 to ratify Sweden's application to join NATO.

She said she will vote for Sweden's membership in the military alliance.

"Our group wants to support" Sweden's membership in NATO, the Fidesz party said in a document, through which it asked the Speaker of the Parliament to include in next Monday's agenda the voting of Sweden's request.

Fidesz enjoys a large majority in Parliament.

Sweden applied to join NATO nearly two years ago, making a historic shift in its policy that was prompted by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

After long delays, Hungary will be the latest NATO member to approve the Nordic country's request to become the military alliance's 32nd member.

Sweden's Defense Minister, Pal Jonsson, welcomed Hungary's plan to ratify Sweden's NATO membership.

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban hinted on Saturday that Parliament could ratify Sweden's request very quickly once it convenes for the new spring session.

"It is good news that our dispute with Sweden will be resolved very soon," Orban said on Saturday, without elaborating.

Hungary was the only country out of 31 NATO member countries that had not ratified Sweden's request. Turkey did this at the end of January, after many delays./ REL

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