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Joe Biden 'prepares' to meet Putin to end Russia's war

Joe Biden 'prepares' to meet Putin to end Russia's war

US President Joe Biden has said he would be willing to meet Vladimir Putin if that was the way to end Russia's war in Ukraine.

Addressing journalists together with French President Emmanuel Macron, he emphasized that Putin had not yet made an attempt to end the war, writes the BBC .

Macron and Biden stressed that they will continue to stand against Russia's war.

The French leader made it clear that they would never ask Ukraine to make a compromise that he considered unacceptable.

A senior Ukrainian official said between 10,000 and 13,000 of its soldiers had been killed since the Russian invasion began on February 24.

Neither Ukraine nor Russia tend to release casualty figures, and comments by presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak have not been confirmed by the Ukrainian military.

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