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War in Ukraine, Russia launches unusual daytime airstrikes in Kiev

War in Ukraine, Russia launches unusual daytime airstrikes in Kiev

Several explosions rocked the skies over Ukraine's capital, Kiev, as Russian forces carried out unusual daytime airstrikes on the Ukrainian capital, just hours after bombing it overnight.

The attack, visible in the skies over the Ukrainian capital, began shortly after air raid sirens sounded at 11 a.m. in Kiev on May 29, prompting many to seek shelter in subway stations and basements, a correspondent reported. Radio Free Europe in Kiev.

"The explosions could be seen in the sky from several places in the city, including the center of Kyiv," the correspondent said. "The explosions set off car alarms across the city and loud noises could be heard, [probably] from missiles being shot down by air defenses," he added .

Eyewitnesses said they heard at least ten explosions in Kiev, as the sky above the city filled with clouds of smoke.

The city's military administration said air defenses shot down all 11 Iskander missiles fired by Russia at Kiev during the day's attack. Radio Free Europe has not been able to independently verify this claim.

The mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, called on residents to take shelter, saying "the attack on Kyiv continues."

Bolstered by sophisticated Western-supplied equipment, Ukraine's air defenses have been able to thwart Russian airstrikes — both drones and anti-aircraft missiles.

Russia has stepped up missile and drone attacks in Ukraine after a period of almost two months of calmer attacks, attacking military facilities and supplies several times a week.

Kiev was also attacked during the night, while the night before, on May 28, it had suffered what is being described as the largest wave of drone airstrikes by Russian forces./REL

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