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Unlike the countries that sent weapons, Germany will build a hospital for Ukrainian soldiers

Unlike the countries that sent weapons, Germany will build a hospital for

Germany will build a mobile field hospital in Ukraine, foreign media report . The decision was made amid a security crisis between the West and Russia, the country's defense minister said yesterday, ruling out military aid for the time being.

Christine Lambrecht said in an interview that the hospital will be delivered in February, with staff training and a cost to Germany of 5.3 million euros.

"We have already provided respirators," the minister said, adding that Germany was already treating Ukrainian soldiers seriously injured in the conflict in eastern Ukraine in German hospitals.

"So we are standing by Kiev. Now we have to do what we can to alleviate the crisis. The surrender of arms would not actually contribute to achieving that goal," she added.

Germany's refusal to send weapons to Ukraine is in contrast to the positions of Great Britain, Poland and the Baltic states. The defense ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania issued a statement saying they received US approval to send Stinger air defense missiles and Javelin anti-tank missiles to strengthen Kiev's defense.

Russia is seeking security guarantees from the US and NATO, including a permanent ban on Ukraine's membership in the Western military alliance. It denies planning to invade Ukraine, despite deploying tens of thousands of Russian troops along the border.

Lambrecht described as a "red line" for NATO the right of any sovereign state to decide whether to join, saying Russia had no veto. But the West was ready for dialogue with Moscow and to take into account Russian interests, she said.



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