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As the number of victims increases, another earthquake hits Turkey, as is the situation in Syria

As the number of victims increases, another earthquake hits Turkey, as is the


The number of victims after the tragic earthquake in Turkey has increased to 3,381. According to the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, another 20,426 were injured and 5,775 buildings collapsed.

The new number brings the combined death toll in Turkey and neighboring Syria to 4,890. The number is likely to continue to rise, as there are still others trapped under the rubble.

The Turkish agency AFAD announces that 2,660 personnel from 65 countries have been sent to assist in the search and rescue operation. Along with Turkish rescuers, 13,740 people have already been assigned to work in the disaster area.

Another powerful earthquake hit central Turkey this morning. According to the Geological Service, the earthquake had a magnitude of 5.5 with a depth of 10 km near the city of Golbas.

Atmospheric conditions remain a disadvantage for search and rescue teams, as freezing conditions will cause even more concern.

In Gaziantep, where the first earthquake struck, it will be around 4-6 degrees Celsius during the day - but will drop to -7 degrees Celsius overnight.

As much as this is a disaster for Turkey, the situation in northern Syria is more desperate. The border remains tightly controlled, with no international rescue efforts and little heavy machinery.

The 1.7 million displaced people living on the border thought their lives couldn't get any worse before the earthquake hit. They have lived in makeshift shelters and half-finished buildings for years, refugees in their own country, escaping Syrian President Bashar Al Assad's reign of terror.

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