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'Does organized crime imitate you?' Rama "clashes" with the journalist: This is the disgusting media life

'Does organized crime imitate you?' Rama "clashes" with the

Prime Minister Edi Rama debated with journalist Klodiana Lala, as the latter asked him if organized crime is imitating the rhetoric used by him, taking the trigger from today's attack on Top Channel with firearms.

Excerpts from the debate:

Lala : You have labeled us a pot, colleagues in rehabilitation, then to fines, tritoli. Do you have political responsibility that the security situation has gotten out of control? Is organized crime imitating you? Crime has imitated the arrogance of power

Rama : You referred to some untrue situations. Who has used tritol against the media?

Lala : You, you

Rama : I don't fine the media. You asked me this question and interrupted me three times. You can't ask the question and get the answer you want This is the disgusting media life I speak of. I cannot negotiate that is education. Why won't you let me talk, I don't understand why you get angry.

Lala : You are not getting to the point of the question I asked.

Edi Rama : In what essence have you said four sentences, I am not making the connection. If you give me the opportunity. Let me speak

 I have not changed my mind about the cauldron, I have used an expression for flagrant cases of two uneducated journalists.  

This is an event that happens like a bolt from the sky. Linked to Top Channel. The government has been one of the targets of TV and here I am today. There is no chance that anyone will come out of tch like the owners, journalists and say that they felt that the government put pressure on them or that they saw the controversy translated into abuse of the state towards the TV.

The blow is so heavy and I assure you that I feel this blow very deeply, we will do our best to find the authors and motives. I tell you that those who are part of tch to proudly continue their mission.                 

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