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Bes Kallaku's birthday with 30 people, Rama: Disgusting spectacle and the most scandalous example of breaking the law by the President and the first lady

Bes Kallaku's birthday with 30 people, Rama: Disgusting spectacle and the
In the photo: SMI President Monika Kryemadhi and President Meta on Bes Kallaku's birthday

Prime Minister Rama has reacted harshly after the breaking of the measure for the gathering of no more than 10 people by President Meta and Monika Kryemadhi, with their presence at the birthday party of comedian Bes Kallaku.

According to Rama, it was a disgusting spectacle, and the couple Meta - Kryemadhi gave the most scandalous example of breaking the law.

 "I do not decide the measures, but the Technical Committee of Experts. Also, I do not even monitor the implementation of measures, there are institutions for this. So I find it impossible to answer the question.

Understandably, like everyone else, I have seen what no one would want to see, the most scandalous example of lawlessness by the President of the Republic, the first lady and their entire squad.

While it is very clear to everyone that there can be no gatherings with more than 10 people and no parties and weddings can take place until the painful mortuary ceremony, these appear to us in a disgusting show.

This I have seen nothing else. Health is most important above all. There is no other political activity including those electoral ones that can be discussed with an importance that calls into question health.

Moreover, since we are not in the electoral campaign, we have not interrupted any electoral activity. So if we have as few meetings as possible, it would be better not to have any, and we reduce the activities with the participation of more people, that is a good thing.

We should all do our best to avoid unnecessary leaving the house as much as possible. "If you avoid coffee and going out for lunches and dinners, it would be a good thing that even hospitals do not encounter without waiting and without remembering an influx of patients", said Rama.

Referring to the calls of the opposition to increase the number of tests, Rama chose not to speak about such a thing anymore. According to the Prime Minister, the issue of tests has become banal and he is not interested.

"As for the tests, I do not talk about tests anymore. it has become an ugly banal theater. "Discussions about tests were made more for coffee and not for me who is not an expert and I am not even interested", said Rama.

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