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The "Xibraka" file, Bardhi comes out of SPAK: He urges the prosecution to investigate without being politically influenced

The "Xibraka" file, Bardhi comes out of SPAK: He urges the prosecution

The vice-president of the DP, Gazment Bardhi, spoke to the media after the testimony he gave in SPAK, regarding the "Xibraka" file.

Bardhi stated that he was called to SPAK as a person in the know and was asked if he has any facts or data to add.

"As you are aware, on March 29, after a public denunciation that I made from the PD headquarters, I publicly denounced everything about the suspected involvement of the Prime Minister's brother, Olsi Rama in the "Xibraka" affair, and I officially submitted it to the Prosecutor's Office Special. I was informed either in writing by the head of the Special Prosecutor's Office, but also today by the BKH investigators that after the information submitted by me, the Xibraka file has been reopened. So the file that was suspended by the two previous prosecutors, the investigation has been resumed for the identification of persons who were described as unidentified persons in the file.

I trust SPAK. I urge him to act in accordance with the law and in an impartial and politically unaffected manner. I don't do politics when I address this building" , declared Bardhi.

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