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Cyber ​​attacks, Rama says he was ready to bring NATO to war with Iran

Cyber ​​attacks, Rama says he was ready to bring NATO to war with Iran

The situation related to cyber attacks is not as serious as Prime Minister Edi Rama presents it to Albanians. It was the prime minister, who in a statement for "Politico.eu" said that he had thought of evoking "Article 5" of NATO.

This article provides that if a NATO country is attacked, then all the member countries are considered attacked, which also means the counter-attack in the bloc of the alliance.

So, Rama has thought for a moment to bring NATO into war with Iran, which he makes responsible for the cyber attacks.

“I have too much respect for our friends and allies to tell them what to do. We are always very careful to be very humble in our assessments. It was too much for us to think and come to the decision that we should ask NATO to promote Article Five" , declared Rama.

Article 5 has only been invoked once, after the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

Regarding cyber attacks, Rama says that "It's like bombing a country" . Albania severed diplomatic relations with Iran in response, believed to be the first time a nation has taken this step over a cyber attack.

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