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Rama's language in Brussels "clashes" the SP secretary with Meta's adviser: Bulgaria removed the veto from that speech

Rama's language in Brussels "clashes" the SP secretary with

The language used by Prime Minister Edi Rama during the EU Summit in Brussels has "clashed" the president's adviser on integration issues, Ilda Zhulali and the secretary for International Relations in the SP, Romina Kukon.

Zhulali told "Dekalog" that Rama's speech was unacceptable, while accusing the prime minister of making fun of Ukraine.

While Kuko objected, saying that Rama's speech had only truths and influenced the lifting of the veto on Northern Macedonia.

Zhulali: “What Rama said in his speech is unacceptable in all directions. He criticized the EU for being the only alternative for Albania. Prior to this meeting, the Prime Minister was involved in a lobbying process for "Open Balkan" and excluded Kosovo. But not only that. "Rama mocked Ukraine."

Kuko: “This speech had only truths. He has created unrest in the Albanian microbot. "We need to understand that it was this speech that influenced Bulgaria's decision to lift the veto on Northern Macedonia."


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