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Their brother was arrested for cultivating narcotic plants, the SP deputy reacts

Their brother was arrested for cultivating narcotic plants, the SP deputy reacts

Today, the brother of the deputy of the SP in Lezhë, Armando Ndreca, was put in handcuffs in the village of Kashnjet. The latter is the brother of the SP deputy, Eduard Ndreca, and was arrested after being caught cultivating narcotics inside a farm in the village of Kashnjet.

According to the police announcement, it is known that during the anti-drug operation in Kashnjet, a booth was discovered which was adapted to cultivate narcotic plants where three people were arrested. In addition to the arrest of Ndreca, it is reported that 27-year-old Armel Nikdukaj and 28-year-old Elvis Shpellzai were arrested. 

Asked by BIRN about the brother's arrest, Socialist Party MP Eduart Ndreca said there was no official announcement yet. However, Ndreca said that his brother should be investigated like any other citizen.

"There is still no official notification from the prosecution, but I want to say that the prosecution and the police must do their work regardless of who the person is, my brother, like all citizens, is equal before the law," he said on the phone.

Ndreca's case is not the first. Family members of people involved in politics have been arrested from time to time for involvement in criminal activities.

The police have published footage from the arrest of the traffickers while adding that 2973 narcotic plants, a quantity of cannabis sativa narcotic, 50 lamps, ventilation equipment, other items that served this criminal activity and 3 mobile phones were seized. Controls were also carried out in the apartment of the arrested, where 3 cold weapons and 1 mask were found./BIRN

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