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Rama: We want to bring the 'Formula 1' race to Albania

Rama: We want to bring the 'Formula 1' race to Albania

Prime Minister Edi Rama promises that in the future he will bring the Formula 1 race to Albania.

Speaking at the first edition of the "Automative Fair" car fair in Albania, Rama said that work will continue for the Elbasan car park so that in the future the Formula 1 race can be realized in our country.

" We will continue the work for the Elbasan car park, an area larger than where the fair takes place and we hope that the dream to see a Formula 1 race, of course not in the near future, but in an achievable future inspires us and gives us the confidence to move forward.

Nobody had thought that we would have a European final in football and we had it. "We do not have to be afraid of another dream like this one of bringing car racing in Albania to Formula 1 in a post that will have all the characteristics because it was done in close cooperation with the FIA, the federation which covers Formula 1 ", said Rama.



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