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Rama vows to fight the "pus of corruption" of public procurement with Artificial Intelligence

Rama vows to fight the "pus of corruption" of public procurement with

After the satellites, Albania 1 and Albania 2, Prime Minister Edi Rama has not hidden his fantasy to experiment with technology, even when it comes to corruption, for which his government has been at the center of criticism.

Recently, in his podcast, Rama shared his desire to fight public procurement and the corruption that stems from it with Artificial Intelligence. That process that his government could not make transparent and not only that, but turn it into a source of income for government officials, Ram starts to fight with AI.

"Procurements that are a problem from where the most disgusting part of the pus of corruption originates. With the artificial intelligence model we can completely overcome this. By overcoming it completely, we no longer need this great consumption of energy to do these processes and on the other hand we neutralize to a very large extent that source of pus. We turn the procurement of public funds into a transparent, simple and readable process", said Rama.

Corruption, which our prime minister talks about, complains about and prepares his weapons to fight, originates from the ranks of his government, even though he refuses to accept it.

The latest Freedom House report highlighted corruption as a worrying phenomenon in Albania.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj is on the run after accusations of corruption, money laundering and concealment of wealth. The mayor of Rrogozhina, Edison Memolla, is being investigated by SPAK for corruption. The mayor of Kamza, Rakip Suli, has been called to SPAK several times after the opposition's denunciations of corruption.

The former mayor of Durrës, Vangjush Dako, who is now out of prison, was sentenced for misappropriation of public funds.

The list of Rama's officials and former officials who are today accused, denounced and investigated for corruption is long, but it remains to be seen how successful the corruption fought by Rama's Artificial Intelligence will be.

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