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Rama reacts after Tahir's release from prison

Rama reacts after Tahir's release from prison

Here comes the reaction of Prime Minister Edi Rama regarding the release from the cell of the former Minister of the Interior, Saimir Tahiri.

In the thanksgiving meeting he is holding in Tirana, the head of the government said that justice should be equal for everyone.

"Here we have opened this Pandora's box ourselves because we have not accepted to take on the responsibility of governing this country by keeping our foot on the lid of this box to continue the centuries-old legacy where the powerful, the powerful or the protected of this the country, have never been summoned by justice. We have done this. 100 times to go back, I would do the same thing.

We must continue on a path with our eyes closed pretending that we do not understand or who is ours can do whatever they want with the law and the common property and it is not affected. Or should we follow another path?

We have chosen this other path and on this path there is no turning back and no compromise with anyone. Of course, I personally knew that this is not a path that will end quickly, the path of a mandate or two mandates of a generation to achieve that this country has equal justice for everyone," said Rama .


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