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Albania and the Netherlands with a joint proposal on the new European political community

Albania and the Netherlands with a joint proposal on the new European political

A few days ago, Prime Minister Edi Rama held a meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in the Netherlands. Through a post on Facebook, Rama gave details of the conversation with Rutte.

The Prime Minister writes that the Netherlands and Albania are expected to come up with a joint proposal related to the idea of ​​French President Emmanuel Macron on the new European political community.

"The visit to The Hague was an extraordinary news for Albania's morale and perspective. Albania together with the Netherlands will prepare a proposal of their own on how the idea of ​​the president of France for the new European political committee should be articulated in the field of real European life. This is a new idea to generate a new European power without replacing or bypassing the European Union enlargement process. While the idea of ​​the Albanian-Dutch proposal came to life precisely during the visit to The Hague, where, appreciating the work and achievements of Albania and appreciating our critical contribution at the European Council table, Prime Minister Mark Rutte asked me to put it on paper together as two friendly countries. one at the roots of the European Union, the other not yet in the European Union, a common point of view on how the idea of ​​the new European political community should be implemented. This is a moment unimaginable until a few years ago for Albania in the political arena, European and beyond, as well as a touching expression for Albania and Albanians. We will work with Prime Minister Rute and with our teams to encourage a constructive and productive debate about Europe and all Europeans, at the big summit on this topic, in Prague next October, where we will also present our proposal", says Rama.


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