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"It's a crime", Rama from London: Braverman's statements about Albanians, a shame for British politics

"It's a crime", Rama from London: Braverman's statements

Prime Minister Edi Rama has started his several-day visit to Great Britain. From London, Rama condemned the statements and comments of the Secretary of the Interior, Suella Braverman, saying that the segregation of Albanian immigrants was a "disgrace".

Rama said Braverman's comments last year about "Albanian criminals" crossing the Channel in small boats could be considered a crime in itself.

"Unfortunately, we have seen ourselves and our community being singled out in this country for political purposes. It's been a very, very embarrassing moment for British politics," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

Braverman's remarks were a "low point," he said, adding that the political will to overcome the deteriorating relationship remained.

"What has been said by members of the cabinet, starting with the home secretary, is singling out our community, which is not something you do in our civilization and is something that does not represent Britain at all," he said .

"We will always refuse to have this mixture between some criminals and Albanians as such, because giving an ethnic stamp to the crime itself is a crime."

Braverman angered many Albanians with her comments about their citizens in parliament last October.

"If Labor were in charge, they would allow all Albanian criminals to come into this country, they would allow all small boats to come to Great Britain, they would open our borders and totally undermine the confidence of the British people in control. our sovereignty" , she told the deputies.

The Home Secretary was also accused of using inflammatory language when she said the south coast of England was being overrun by asylum seekers.

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