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It reappeared after 5 days, the detail that betrays the public "flu" of Rama

It reappeared after 5 days, the detail that betrays the public "flu"

Edi Rama ended his absence and reappeared this Monday morning. The last time he appeared in public was 5 days ago, when he also gathered political leaders, while in front of journalists he denied the accusations that he is related to the investigations that the American authorities are doing about the arrested official McGonigal. This scandal, where his name was mentioned 14 times in the American indictment, had increased the speculations that the prime minister had gone into hiding, in order not to face this not-so-pleasant episode for his career.

But he rejected these speculations, claiming that he had the flu.

In a video message from his office, he said: "Hello, good start to the week, I hope you are well. Be careful with this flu flag that is around because I removed it myself and 'doesn't make you a man', as they say in Tiron".

Of course, this is the season of viruses and it is no surprise that even "Skënderbeu" is not immune to them. But another fact betrays Rama. He never informs the public about his health bulletin, which is kept as a state secret worthy of a dictatorial country. He has never informed about his asthma attacks, nor about the nightmares, nor about the blockage caused by the herniated disc. While this time, in the first sentence of the video message, he remembers to announce that he has had a fever for four days.

Naturally, this health announcement has a political character. Otherwise, such news would have become routine whenever the head of government was not feeling well physically or psychologically.

But, if he had such a goal, he could not achieve the goal. Because all those who have raised questions that the prime minister disappeared because of the McGonigal scandal, have not received an answer from this health transparency applied for the first time.

So, Rama may have been really affected by this seasonal flu, but the fact that he made it public has nothing to do with the flu. He noted this fact to counter those who wrote that he was shocked by the revelation that he had bribed an FBI official to use against the opposition. So even if he was sick, he used the illness as a communication strategy. And to think that a week ago he said he would no longer answer those who throw stones in the river about the McGonigal case./ PENCIL

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