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Veliaj: Traffic and air quality have improved in Tirana

Veliaj: Traffic and air quality have improved in Tirana 

In the view of the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, the traffic that paralyzes the capital, especially on rainy days, has improved.

Speaking on the show "Opinion" on TV Klan, Veliaj said that 180,000 cars are registered in the capital alone, but adding the number of those coming from the districts to 250,000 vehicles.  

" Traffic is a tremendous challenge for any big city. Word comes that there is no traffic in Bari, but there is in Rome and Milan. There is no traffic in Këlcyre and Has, but there is in Tirana. In Tirana there are 180 thousand registered cars and meanwhile, together with those coming from the districts, there are 250 thousand cars in the same city with the axles that we have inherited since the time of Italy.

 What I find is that if it took 2 or 3 hours to enter Tirana at the time of, let's say, "Shqiponja" square, today it takes a few minutes. It means that many of the changes have improved the traffic", said Veliaj.

The head of the Municipality of Tirana, who will run in the May 14 elections for another term, emphasized that the air quality has also improved compared to a few years ago.  

" As I told you, today's air quality is rated 'Good'. In some days it comes out even 'very well'. While we have received that today the average grade is 7 and some days 9, the average grade a few years ago was 4 or 5. That means we have gaps when it comes to air quality. Can more be done? Definitely",  said Veliaj.




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