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Did the name of Meta and Berisha damage the participation in the elections? Head of PL: Thesis of Rama

Did the name of Meta and Berisha damage the participation in the elections? Head

The chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, rejected the thesis that if he and Sali Berisha were not in the "Together We Win" coalition, there would be more participants in the elections.

In an interview on A2 CNN, he said that this is also a thesis that is fed by Rama to hide the facts of the destruction of the election process.

"This thesis is fed by Edi Rama to hide the public facts of the destruction of the electoral process. They are voters who can vote for other alternatives that exist. No one prevents a new political initiative, but nothing changes the essence of what has been a state criminal operation from start to finish including everything against the opposition and its voters. Rama's whole goal has been to annihilate the opposition.

Attempts to avoid his responsibilities in theses; it wasn't this or that, it's an attempt to manipulate a part of the opinion, because it is known that Rama is terrified of even a single real opposition deputy in the parliament and can't wait to have only puppets who treat them like marionettes".

According to him, the problem is not the coalition with Berisha, but the crime gangs.

"The coalition is not a problem, it is Rama's excuse to show that there are problems within the coalition. The problem is Rama's gangs and the police who became one with the gangs are the administration, the commissioners, the enumerators, the exclusion of the opposition from many rights. They are excuses to increase responsibility and find alibi ," said Meta.



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