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Agron Shehaj: Crime takes courage from Edi Rama's attacks on the media

Agron Shehaj: Crime takes courage from Edi Rama's attacks on the media

PD MP Agron Shehaj says that Prime Minister Edi Rama's statements and decisions to the media encourage crime to strike, referring to the mafia attack on Top Channel. 

While bringing attention to the case against the businessman and owner of News24, Irfan Hysenbelliu, Shehaj said on Syri TV that Rama gave a message to crime that by hitting the strongest everyone learns and that hitting the media is no longer a red line. 

"Here we are dealing, apart from a criminal mafia act, with an attack against a media. Is it related to crime or not? I believe so. I believe that the state in which the media is today, the freedom of people to express themselves, is the most serious in these 32 years of democracy. It has not happened that a prime minister decides which business or which building will be demolished and which will not, despite the fact that they may be illegal.

This is the problem of the lack of rule of law in Albania. Here, who violates the law is decided by the Prime Minister and not by the Court. And the common crime the moment you see that you hit the media is no longer a red line, take courage and attack one of the most important media in Albania.

This is a political issue.

The roots of this problem are much bigger and much deeper. We see Rama using tritol...he is a signal, a clear signal to everyone, he is a terrorist act by a prime minister because he is a message to everyone from media owners, journalists, analysts, entrepreneurs who not to dare to go against the prime minister.

The message is simple, hit the hardest so everyone learns. He doesn't do it only with the media, he does it with business, he does it with politicians," said Shehaj.   




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