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Basha in Cërrik, the citizens are waiting for him with sugar, fireworks and flowers: Rama destroyed everything, will you open the door for him?

Basha in Cërrik, the citizens are waiting for him with sugar, fireworks and
Basha in Cërrik

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, was in Cërrik, where he was received with enthusiasm, fireworks, sugar, a bunch of flowers and the shouts "Rama ik". He met with citizens and farmers, where he was closely acquainted with their concerns and presented the PD plan.

Basha recalled the meetings a few years ago with the residents of Cërrik, when the price of electricity and oil had risen. He accused Prime Minister Edi Rama of failing in 8 years of government, while promising change.

Basha said that Rama should apologize to the Albanians and leave.

"In these difficult years for Cërrik and Albania we met in dramatic moments for your families, I remember the meetings in that bar where he decided to increase the price of energy in 2014. I remember the meeting in the other bar there after raising the price of oil, when deprived families of economic aid, employed thousands of fathers and mothers without asking about them or their children.

8 years of failure and unemployment, unfulfilled promises, today a man in his position should have only two words in his mouth and leave to say every Albanian forgive me and leave, but Edi Rama has come to your door twice knocked and forcibly pushed inside destroyed family, homes, economies is now coming for the third time, will you open the door?

"Everywhere in Albania, I hear, I feel, it affects the determination of Albanians for change, the words I hear the most are two, I can not stand it anymore, an hour ago, we can hardly wait for April 25" , said Basha.

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