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Berisha: In the last 10 years, Edi Rama's name has been added to the list of Albanian-speaking enemies

Berisha: In the last 10 years, Edi Rama's name has been added to the list

Berisha : Today Albanians have less money than 10 years ago, while in a functioning market economy and not drugs and oligarchs, citizens should be richer year after year.

It does not happen that this was the decade of the theft of the century. Hundreds of millions of euros were stolen by Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj with the incinerators.

Hundreds of millions of euros were stolen by Edi Rama and Ilir Beqaj with sterilization and health concessions.

Hundreds of millions of euros were stolen by Edi Rama and his officials with secret tenders.

Another billion euros are ready to be stolen from the Port of Durrës by Edi Rama and his Ali Babatë with other projects.

Theft and only abuse and theft in the decade of impoverishment of Albanians.

Our nation is a long-lived nation. With their longevity, Albanians have gone through many hardships, attacks from barbaric enemies, dictatorships from the wildest. For the sake of truth, Albania's enemies have been many and varied.

But I very painfully invite you to never forget that there is a type of enemy whose strain is the most cruel in our nation's history. This worst enemy is the Albanian-speaking enemy.

We have had some of them, but in the last 10 years, Edi Rama's name has been added to the list of Albanian-speaking enemies.

This new enemy, in relation to the national being, surpasses any other Albanian-speaking enemy before it.

Enver Hoxha turned the Albanians' struggle for freedom and dignity into a civil war for his seat and established the most Stalinist dictatorship. The most ferocious butcher of the Albanians was tried.

And Edi Rama, the son of the executioner Kristaq Rama, who signed the hanging of the poet Havzi Nela, robbed Albanians in the last 10 years of what they had lacked for centuries, robbed them of real pluralism, robbed them of democracy.

Edi Rama, just like Enver Hoxha, who betrayed and sold Kosovo as a martyr, is today a second Pashiq for Albanians.

We overthrew a dictatorship in the 90s in a democratic revolution, we realized the unimaginable for Albanians, we realized pluralism, finally Albania had many parties. There was opposition. We held free elections, joined the Council of Europe, liberalized visas, joined NATO, received the recommendation of the candidate country statute.

All these were the fruits of a revolution based on the dream of making Albania like all of Europe.

And indeed the Albanians won a lot in those years, but above all, for the first time, they managed to be a free nation, even though they were in two independent states.

We grew in population, but also in personal income year after year.

But after a period of revolutionary victories, there always comes a backlash from the old dictatorship.

And this response came in the name of the rebirth, in fact, the death of democracy. Based as it was announced at the beginning of the time as an alliance of the scum of the nation, headed by an Albanian-speaking enemy named Edvin Kristaq Rama, who has done damage to Albania in 10 years, is ranked very well, just after Enver Hoxha on the list of the fiercest Albanian-speaking enemies of our national history.

Imagine a nation swimming in crime and drugs, starting with the prime minister and the common policeman, imagine a nation where gangs are released from prison to steal elections, imagine a country where the electoral code is declared a sham and votes die without entering the box. Imagine a nation where the largest party's logo is stolen, its president is assigned, and its name is denied. Imagine a nation where the greatest wealth is handed over to government officials and organized crime gangs. Imagine a nation where billions of citizens' euros disappear. Those euros are sweat, tears, blood, your effort.

Imagine a nation where justice does not take any measures for these crimes, but imprisons opposition politicians without any evidence, without any facts, but only by political order.

Imagine a nation whose lands planned for high schools are robbed by the prime minister with media owners as partners.

Imagine a nation where parliament forbids MPs from electing the leader of the group.

Imagine a nation where parliament does not allow commissions of inquiry?

This is Edi Rama's Albania, this is today's Albania.

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