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Berisha: 160,000 voters went to vote and returned

Berisha: 160,000 voters went to vote and returned

The head of PD Sali Berisha stated that in the May 14 elections, about 160,000 voters had gone to the polling stations far from the settlements where their names were and had failed to vote by turning back.

Invited to the studio of the show "Open" on News24, Berisha described this as a work of Prime Minister Rama and the Minister of the Interior, Bledi Çuçi.

So, he turned back to the 2021 elections, saying that the opposition at that time took the chair and was looking at how to govern with Edi Rama and go against Berisha.

Eurostat says that in the last 8 years, 937,000 Albanians have fled to the Schengen area. To think that there are 2 million voters in Albania is no greater unreality. Those figures are given by a man who lives on his computer and tells the Albanians that 700 thousand Albanians did not vote. because I don't want to insult him. Did 1.4 million vote? Let's take 700 goes to 2.1, let's take 900 thousand that have gone, how much are they?

For the first time after 2001, address change was used. 1.3 million voters changed their address, some of them in neighboring countries. We have ascertained it and have taken it to SKAP. Edi Rama and Çuçi had the scheme of excluding thousands from voting. That day it happened that 160 thousand went to vote and did not vote. He went to Prrenjas when he was in Tirana, he was in Tropoja and so on. That was the mechanism. This practice of manipulation was used in 2001. When we found that 1.3 million people had their voting center changed, Rama and Çuçi refused to restore the lists as they were.

The opposition received 40% of the votes of the 100,000 votes received by the logo. This is absolute distortion. It is a robbery of mandates. If this process were to take place in 2021 and the opposition would stand up in its own right, Rama would never dare to carry envelopes in the middle of the campaign. But the opposition at that time took the chair and looked at how to govern with Edi Rama and looked at how to go against Sali Berisha. I do not defend my vote with a gun. I am defending the vote and you can be sure that we are working. The opposition did not win, but neither did he. He bought the victory. 100% was purchased in Durrës and Elbasan. I said 3 months ago that there is no election with Rama", said Berisha.


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