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Berisha with the structures talks about the McGonigal scandal: After pocketing Basha, Rama used Soros to declare me 'non grata'

Berisha with the structures talks about the McGonigal scandal: After pocketing

The chairman of the DP, Sali Berisha, held a meeting with the chairmen, secretaries and working groups of the Tirana branches. The focus of the discussions was the McGonigal scandal. Berisha said that Prime Minister Rama bribed one of the most important people of the FBI to take the opposition hostage. He further explained the situation in which the head of the Albanian government was implicated.

"We have in front of us a man who, as the recent developments have shown for every Albanian, knows no borders, no customs, no norms, in his efforts to destroy the Albanian opposition. His acts are among the most criminal acts. The one who in 2017, Edi Rama, after pocketing the second mandate, told the Albanians that now I will show them how I will govern, I will govern without opposition.

An opposition which had lost the elections, this was not enough. It could not be tolerated, it had to disappear, and for this purpose it had to engage the most powerful organization on the planet, the FBI. He had to corrupt one of the 2-3 most important people of this organization to manipulate, investigate, or otherwise, this is what justice will say, but the only goal was to take the leader of the opposition hostage. To transform the opposition into a mold of the opposition" , declared Berisha.

The latter emphasized that Rama, after "pocketing" the former chief democrat Lulzim Basha, used Soros to declare Sali Berisha 'non grata'.

"The truth is that McGonigal retired, but the operation or the seeds planted with that operation continued until the middle of 2021. Lulzim Basha, indicted for money laundering, fell completely at the mercy of Edi Rama and he, contrary to any law, closed them file, did not take it to the Supreme Court.

After he had targeted the lobbyist of the Democratic Party, the most powerful man in the FBI, he showed mercy by taking the leader of the opposition hostage with a file.

This demon of power, who hates the opponent as much as his executioner father, as his executioner uncle, did everything that after pocketing Lulzim Basha, used Soros, the FBI and others to declare Sali Berisha 'non grata'.

The State Department itself with its spokesperson says that the basis for this decision was also the acts and reports of the anti-corruption control of the Albanian government. Reports that no one in Albania has read, except for those black hands who slandered and sent them. Reports that have not been published have not seen the light of day. So just like the secret money that McGonigal handed over to you for his black work, these reports also," added Berisha.


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