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Berisha in Kamze: Rama, after violating the free vote, went to the last stage of denying the constitutional rights of the deputies

Berisha in Kamze: Rama, after violating the free vote, went to the last stage of

"Dear democrats and democrats, citizens of Kamza, Paskuqani, my warmest greetings and my thanks for your presence today in this meeting. We
meet together with you at a critical moment not only for the DP and the Albanian opposition, but at the most critical moment in the last 32 years for democracy, pluralism, Albania
Today we gather together as the main political force of the opposition, but we are here today as the main force of denied constitutional rights.
We are here today as a political force whose , Edi Rama in the most hostile act in 32 years towards her and the opposition, after the efforts to destroy her, for her nomination, control and her chairman.
After the massive violation of the elections and the free vote, she went to the last stage of the denial of the constitutional rights in the parliament of the deputies, your representatives.
The de facto annihilation of parliamentary political pluralism in Albania.
The transformation of your representatives in the parliament, into a facade which stands there, or who stand there simply to say that the parliament has an opposition.
In every country, in every democracy, political life works with government and opposition. But in Albania the government has no legitimacy, in Albania the government created the crime industry of vote buying. The gigantic machine of intimidation of the citizens, of the complete control of their will.
To influence in more illegal ways on their vote, on their will.
It's dramatic, but today has some similarities to the late 80s and early 90s.
In the first elections of 1990, the most oppressed, poorest areas did not vote for us. Because their indoctrination to the core, fear of the dictatorship, of the terror exercised by the dictatorship, made those people think that we should not be voted for.
Why am I making this comparison with you, the democrats of Kamza?
What happens today? We all see that he steals the election. You saw for yourself what he did with the electronic machinery here in Kamze. You saw what he did with the convoy of armored 'Benzes' with Bajrat in Shkodër.
You learned how he distributed, in violation of the laws, 683 thousand envelopes to pensioners. You witness how he persecuted voters with patronage, activists, as red terrorists of your vote.
You are witnesses of how many thousands and thousands of threats were made to the electorate to not vote for the opposition.
You are witnessing how the main opposition force did not register your name on the sheet.
You are witnessing how 1.3 million voters changed their voting center. According to statistics, 200,000 of them showed up and could not vote.
All these are dramatic, illegal developments.
There are not a few who say that Edi Rama really stole the elections, but he won them. This is justifying the theft, telling the thieves, enjoying the loot you stole. There is no greater moral defect than this. And this is the effect of a propaganda which spreads at a time when he has not won the elections.

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