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Berisha warns of the next movement of the opposition: Strong measures will be taken in the future!

Berisha warns of the next movement of the opposition: Strong measures will be

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha, after the plenary session, warned the journalists about the next move of the opposition.

Berisha said that strong measures will be taken in the future.

"We have the Parliament left, shame on them. Strong measures will be taken in the future!", said Berisha.

"We will continue our battle until the creation of parliamentary investigative commissions. Investigate every penny of Surrel's palaces built on crime. In the sense of built on bribery, built by builders after the rewards that Edi Rama gave them with workers others.
Edi Rama built a total of 3,800 Euros and 400,000 Lek at the time of their construction. The 5,000 square meter park was purchased at a minimum price of 10 to 12 times what was declared and was purchased under flagrant violation conditions of the law.
Edi Rama will be investigated for his every trip, for his 140 flights in two years, which have cost Albanian taxpayers over 22 million euros.
He will be investigated for all the meetings he has had during these trips. It is widely spoken that in Dubai met the drug clans, among others, the partner of his brother Olsi, the famous Amant Josifi.
I have denounced that the call centers of Amant Josifi are all intact and instead of them, boys and girls who have not had nothing to do with the theft of money through Bitcoin from the Milton group with representatives Amant Josifin and Olsi Rama.
Edi Rama will be investigated for all corrupt affairs with PPPs. You see how the Tirana burner is completely packed, the Tirana burner, Edi Rama who gave his company an 8 percent bonus, eight months before the company was created. Citizens should know this, we will prove it with documents.
All health PPPs will be investigated, as there are the most monstrous crimes committed against the health of Albanians. Sterilization alone has cost thousands of lives as citizens remained unoperated because hospitals could not buy sterilization kits at prices 80 times higher.
Edi Rama will be investigated with his brother-in-law's leech, named Vilma Nushi, who, in order to rob taxpayers' money, registers in check-ups with tens of thousands of individuals who have been separated from this life for years.
Edi Rama will be investigated for all strategic investors. You saw how he gave 400,000 square meters to Pëllumb Gjoka, the paymaster of the killers.
His Luca, who has been one of the most pursued persons by the Albanian authorities and international partners, will also be investigated. And now his yacht is seized and he goes and kidnaps the yacht followed by the Italian authorities with cocaine.
All connections will be investigated. Even what you saw today, you didn't notice, Taulant Balla with Niko Pelesh. What was the discussion? Taulanti took Stiliano from him. He took it away. Niko had his traffic line to Greece, he took it away and took it to Taulanti.
Rivalry in drugs, rivalry in crimes, this is the bitter reality of these days, of this government.
Edi Rama will be investigated for all the terrible crimes he has committed. With the tenders for covid with this Manastirliun.
So, if he is not afraid of the investigation, accept it, otherwise, the coup will be overthrown."

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