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Berisha: The government of crime has filled the detention center with innocent people, they are arrested only for statistics

Berisha: The government of crime has filled the detention center with innocent

Citizens and democratic sympathizers have gathered on the "Street of Hope" to protest against the regime.

In his speech, the chief democrat Sali Berisha declared that the Rama government has filled the detention center with innocent people, stressing that today Albania has the most distorted justice it has ever had.

"With your endurance, with your voice, you have become a guide for all Albanians. Every night the citizens of this country follow your speeches, follow your parliament of free speech, which is light years away from the Rama-Linda parliament, which is light years away from the parliament of crime, which votes the budget in 4 minutes, which suppresses freedoms and the rights of the opposition people.

From this alley, from this parliament, you convey great truths to Albanians. You denounce here as invincible warriors, Edi Rama, his ugly monism, his dictatorship, based on the alliance with crime, drugs and theft of Albanians. In the alliance, as they have proudly said, the alliance of stinkers.

Every night from this alley, with courage, you defend the freedoms and rights of Albanian citizens against which today there is an aggression from the narco-state, just like in the wild dictatorships.

Today, Albania is the only country in Europe, the world, that has 62% of all prisoners in custody. This is a massive violation of human rights. They are in custody because they are innocent, because there is no accusation against them, because they are arrested only for statistics.

That this minister, who is the shame of the minister, the shame of the man, who is closely connected with crime, orders and arrests people who have nothing to do with crime, puts them in jail and leaves them there.

You denounce a dictatorship here, which, just like in Russia, Tunisia, Uganda, arrests the president of the DP as a person under investigation, without any evidence, facts or documents. He arrests the other because he took 410 meters of his own land, inherited from his family members. You denounce an ugly dictatorship that has created for itself, the ugliest and most distorted justice that Albania or any other country has had and has ," Berisha declared.

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