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Dogjani: The majority uses power to avoid property theft

Dogjani: The majority uses power to avoid property theft

Democratic MP Asllan Dogjani chose a special way to respond to Olta Xhaçka's statement that people from the mountains cannot come and set up tents on the coast.

Dogjani went to the Assembly yesterday with a beach umbrella. For Syri TV, Dogjani said that the umbrella was symbolic to ironize the socialist MP's statement. He said that the language used by Xhaçka is scandalous and does not suit a member of the Assembly.

Dogjani added that the majority uses power to avoid property theft.

"I took that umbrella from a citizen who had come to the assembly to protest in this way. It was symbolic to protest and ironize the actions or the way of communication and the language used by the member of parliament, especially since she was also the minister of foreign affairs and defense. The language used was, with all intents and purposes, a scandalous language that does not belong not only to a deputy but to any citizen of the Republic of Albania, even more so since this has also been the case in the positions of the minister in the government.

The fact that he uses this language is related, in my opinion, to a few moments before they get out of the spirit that they have been taught for 45 years to be only themselves in power and use power as their property. And the second one is used to avoid public opinion from theft of property, just as Xhaçka has taken thousands of square meters in an abusive manner and says that we took it to prevent those who come from the mountain to set up a tent," he said . Burn it.

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