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Rama's draft for the association, Meta: Albania cannot propose policies for Kosovo

Rama's draft for the association, Meta: Albania cannot propose policies for

The head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, commented on Prime Minister Edi Rama's draft for the association in Kosovo.

In a post on social networks, Meta writes that Albania cannot propose policies for Kosovo without consulting Prime Minister Albin Kurti and Kosovo's institutions.

Meta's reaction:

The situation created between Serbia and Kosovo can only be helped by Albania through direct and constructive communication with Kosovo's institutions and Prime Minister Kurti.

There is no need for unilateral and non-transparent interventions, which irritate or worsen the situation, which appears delicate.

In no case should the Albanian government speak or propose policies that should be implemented within Kosovo, without first consulting with the Prime Minister and the legitimate institutions in Kosovo.

The Association of Municipalities is an agreement already accepted by the current government of Kosovo, and it is guaranteed in the Brussels Agreement and the Annex to the Ohrid Agreement, realized with the support and negotiation of the European Union and the United States of America.

The solution of how the Association will be achieved is therefore found in the respect of the Brussels and Ohrid Agreement.

Kurti has consistently shown responsibility and unwavering will for the implementation of the Ohrid Agreement.

While we have never seen such a thing with Mr. Vucic, on the contrary, a series of his actions have demonstrated the opposite.

Rama, if he wanted to play a role, he could do so, not by playing the role of patronage over Kosovo, but only by asking Belgrade to sign the Brussels and Ohrid agreements and their implementation, the recognition of Kosovo by Serbia and the relinquishment from the strategy of continuous tension of the situation.


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