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Gjekmarkaj: We tried for 10 years to make Basha prime minister, he wanted to become a clown

Gjekmarkaj: We tried for 10 years to make Basha prime minister, he wanted to

Democratic MP Agron Gjekmarkaj commented on Lulzim Basha's decision to expel 11 MPs belonging to Berisha's group.

 Gjekmarkaj said that this decision of Basha is a public fraud. He added that some of the deputies whom he dismissed at the moment when the decision to dismiss was made, which according to Basha was made by Bardhi about 1 and a half years ago, were not part of it at all.

" I believe that Basha excluded a few, he should have excluded everyone, because he does not need MPs, he succeeds alone. This is a comical situation actually, his decisions are null. He has gathered around himself some well-wishers who surprisingly believe him. We tried for 10 years to make him prime minister, but he apparently wanted to be a clown, a government servant. This letter is a scam, it is the group that determines everything. He says that this decision was made a year and a half ago, but at that time some of the deputies were not part of it at all. These are all fictions, to bill Bardhi a seal that he never put to exclude these people. It is the next circus, unable to oppose. This serves the media and mostly the government, " said Gjekmarkaj.

Regarding the number of groups that DP currently has and the group that he is a part of, Gjekmarkaj said that he was part of DP two years ago and the group leader is Gazmend Bardhi.

" I am with the Democratic Party two years ago, with what the citizens voted for in the hope of change. I am not in any group. I am with this party that I spoke to you about, while the chairman is clearly Gazmend Bardhi," he added.

Following this, Gjekmarkaj said that Basha is perceived more as an ally of the government than an opposition factor. " Basha has cut off contact with the right-wing electorate. The only ally Basha has is with the government, but the latter simply uses it to make noise and then throw it away. In the opposition, he is perceived as an ally of the government more than an opposition factor", - emphasized the MP.

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