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Tough fight with Alibeajn: When you don't have 61 candidates, dissolve the party or give it up!

Tough fight with Alibeajn: When you don't have 61 candidates, dissolve the

Jonila Godole has reacted with harsh tones to Enkelejd Alibeaj, regarding the candidates released for the local elections of May 14.

Invited to the studio of "The Unexposed", Godole said that a party which cannot find 61 candidates to run in the elections, must take its mission seriously. She added that she was not informed how the candidates were chosen from Alibeaj.

Godole criticized the latter, as he said that a party that does not have all the candidates risks fusion.

"A party that can't find 61 candidates worthy of running is a party that not only hasn't done its homework, but needs to take its mission seriously. Either it goes with 61 candidates, or it needs to find the reasons why. these candidates are not there.

I had no idea what the situation was like in DP before I went to the leadership meetings. I did not see during the last year, a commitment from the leadership to gather and organize. I myself asked to gather and meet. I see the elections as something very serious.

I thought they would bring us files of candidates, and there would be 2-3 candidates to choose the best. That's what I thought. This information was never provided. Maybe this is how it works in political parties, it was my first experience. I would have liked it differently.

I think either you will go to the elections, with 61 candidates, as a serious political force, or then the party can be dissolved, dissolve the party or make an open coalition with Foltore, give it that seal, because this cannot be a party that goes like this in the election" , Godole.

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