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Incinerators/ Balliu from Unit 8: Garbage suffocates Tirana, the government gives 80,000 euros every day to those declared wanted

Incinerators/ Balliu from Unit 8: Garbage suffocates Tirana, the government

The Head of Organization in the Democratic Party, Klevis Balliu, has again raised the concern that the high payments in the accounts of the concessionaire companies evade every day even though their administrators are looking for them.

In a statement from Unit 8, he informed that Klodian Zotos and Stella Gugalljas are being given 80,000 euros every day for incinerators that do not exist, as he added that the neighborhoods of the capital are polluted and garbage accumulates on the streets.

While emphasizing that this money could be used for public works in Tirana, Balliu raised the following questions:

- Since 28 million euros, as it seems from the images, do not go to burning the waste of the capital's residents, where do they end up?

- Do we have the right to say that, if public works are not done with a certain amount of public money, it is stolen?

-If they are stolen, do we have the right to suspect that they are divided between those whose accounts this money goes to and those who allow these disbursements?

-These garbage that you see behind us, do you think they harm the health of the citizens, especially in a hot season like this? Why doesn't the Incineration of the Municipality come here and give an account, but sells propagandist Facebook to Facebook?

-And, lastly, what does SPAK expect that does not block the products of crime? Who is he afraid of? Why?


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