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Kelliçi warns of other facts about "5D": Prosecutor Braho spared the head of the criminal organization Erion Veliaj

Kelliçi warns of other facts about "5D": Prosecutor Braho

The member of the Presidency of the DP, Belind Kelliçi, in the statement made by the blue headquarters, Kelliçi called on SPAK to seize the assets and warned that soon other shocking documents will be published about the corruption of the famous gang of the municipality.


It's already been 4 weeks since the arrests of the thieving directors of the Municipality of Tirana, for the mega corrupt affair of the 5D CONSTRUCTION company.

The investigations proved what we reported 1 year ago, how corruption in the Municipality of Tirana had already gone from a rate of 20-30-40% to 100%.

45 tenders worth 28 million euros and 3 building permits are what we proved with undeniable documents and evidence for this structured criminal group.

SPAK, and in this case the prosecutor Klodian Braho, seems to have been satisfied only with the arrest of Mariglen Qatos and Redi Molla, sparing for the umpteenth time the head of this criminal organization, as well as the de facto owner of the Tirana incinerator, Erion Veliaj.

From this platform, for more than 7 months I have made public the documentation that directly connects Erion Veliaj with the Tirana incinerator.

From this platform I have published telephone communications and e-mails that directly connect Erion Veliaj with the Tirana incinerator.

From this pulpit, I made public the letter of the Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku, who wrote in black and white that Erion Veliaj is directly responsible for blocking the Project Implementation Unit, for which he would bear responsibility for the damage he is doing to caused the state party.

From this pulpit, I have sent the SPAK prosecutors the interview of the former deputy. Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj, where he directly accused Erion Veliaj of being the actual owner of the Tirana incinerator.

Meanwhile, these 4 weeks we have had the opportunity to read the entire file of the 5D company, where the employees openly state that the owner of this company's hotel is "LALI", and the self-proclaimed "lal" is only one in Albania, he is Erion Veliaj.

I listed all these facts because today SPAK has not taken any action to seize the assets and money of the Tirana Incinerator company, but the most flagrant is the fact that still after 1 month we have no blocking of the assets of the company of the 5 Directors.

The administrator Nestor Muhametllari is free and the assets and bank accounts continue to be unseized.

All this is a staged justice, where we arrest several directors who hold the prison for the boss and the money of the fact owner Erion Veliaj, they don't dare to touch.

We appeal to SPAK, that empty investigations to arrest some directors, banal thieves who have served the boss, to steal tens and hundreds of millions of euros, are NOT CALLED JUSTICE.

Today, not tomorrow, but TODAY, all assets of the 5D company, Redi Molla, Mariglen Qatos, Nestor Muhametllari and every other individual involved, not forgetting the same as in the incinerator file, the Head of the Structured Criminal Group 5D, must be blocked , Erion Veliajn.

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