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Kelliçi publishes the IFC study: The proposed fee for waste treatment was 38 euros, Veliaj increased it by 2.5 times

Kelliçi publishes the IFC study: The proposed fee for waste treatment was

The member of the Presidency of the DP, at the same time the political delegate for Tirana, Belind Kelliçi, during a media conference from the blue headquarters, has published for the first time the IFC document for the study regarding the cleaning of Tirana.

During the conference, Kelliçi said that Erion Veliaj is lying when he says that he has reduced the price of cleaning Tirana, because according to the documents, in fact he has increased the price per ton by 2.5 times in relation to waste treatment.


Greetings and thanks to the journalists who showed interest and came to this conference, which focuses on the scandal of corruption and theft in the Municipality of Tirana

We are here to debunk perhaps the biggest deception of the mayor of Tirana regarding the IFC study of 2014, where the repeated claim over the years has been that based on this study there was a fee of 38 euros per ton for cleaning of Tirana, Erion Veliaj after being declared mayor in 2015, decided to have a fee of 29 euros, thus reducing the cost.

But in the meantime, like every claim of Erion, today we will demolish with irrefutable facts and evidence, for the first time we will make public the IFC report of 2014, which was not found when it was requested by the Investigative Commission of Incinerators in 2022. I I searched for this material, but surprisingly neither the Municipality of Tirana nor the Ministry of Finance had this material available.

Fortunately, today the Municipality of Tirana continues to have honest employees, who a few weeks ago brought an original copy of the WB and IFC study and we had the opportunity during this period to research in detail this proposal that came to Tirana Municipality at the time it was run by PD.

If you see that in the introduction of the project, the five main points clarify that this proposal that came in that period, which had a fee of 38 euros per ton, was for the cleaning of the city and streets, the collection and transportation of waste, the expansion of the landfill Sawmills for long-term storage, waste disposal in landfills and waste processing and treatment.

To be clear, these 5 points include every process related to cleaning, processing and depositing garbage in Tirana.

The IFC study made an estimate for a 20-year period, calculating the total amount of waste that would be processed in the official data, which if you look at the last point, the total amount was 250 thousand tons per year. Including the remains of Tirana in municipalities and villages.

On the last page there is a summary where 12 euros per ton would be the waste deposit fee and 26 euros would be the waste collection.

So, to put it quite clearly, there was a fee of 38 euros, but to close the entire waste treatment chain.

But as we speak today, we pay 29 euros per ton for an incinerator that does not exist, and this fee is about 12 million euros per year.

And based on the official data of the Municipality of Tirana, just for the cleaning of the city, we paid 16.7 million euros last year alone.

With a simple calculation, the total comes to 66.8 euros per ton. This is about cleaning up the city.

Added here also 29 euros per ton, the fee for the incinerator where the actual owner, this was said by the former number two of the government, Arben Ahmetaj, that Erion Veliaj is the actual owner, the total goes to 95.8 euros per ton.

2.5 times more than the proposal received from the WB for the same project, but with much higher standards.

There is a reason why the two former Ministers of Finance, Shkëlqim Cani and Arben Ahmetaj, have rejected the request of Erion Veliaj for granting this concession for 30 years.

This is because the World Bank study states that only 20 million euros would be needed to build three new nuclear plants and expand the Sharra landfill.

But right after this moment, comes that famous letter of Erion Veliaj on March 27, 2017, where with his signature, with the seal of the Municipality of Tirana, Erion Veliaj has undertaken to sign the 30-year concession, in complete violation of the law without asking either the Municipal Council or the District Council.

The reason was quite simple, because this was Erion Veliaj's business.

We have also verified the family ties of its director, Redi Molla, in this business. We have also published the persons connected with the Italian Ndragheta who have come here to take over this business.

This was the reason why Erion Veliaj signed this 30-year concession in violation of the law.

But if SPAK still has difficulties with this exclusive material, I guarantee you that today, at the end of the press conference, we will deposit it with signature and seal to SPAK to help the prosecution body.

However, it is important to remain essentially who the proposal from the WB was and what Erion Veliaj is doing today.

The bottom line is that the WB and IFC have brought a proposal for the entire waste treatment chain with a fee of 38 euros per ton.

Today, Erion Veliaj pays 95.8 euros per ton, 2.5 times more, through its outstanding Dutch investors with international experience, Mirel Mërtiri and Klodian Zoto.

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