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The confiscation of 'Prestige Resort'/ Paloka: There is no more state, but a gang! Rama openly challenged the DASH report

The confiscation of 'Prestige Resort'/ Paloka: There is no more state,

The Democratic MP, Edi Paloka, reacted again to the DASH report, as he described the illegal intervention in the Prestige Resort, where two buildings of this complex were confiscated, as an alarm bell for all Albanians.

In a Skype connection for Neës24, Paloka said that the state has turned into a criminal gang.

"You can no longer expect anything from this character (Rama). There is no longer a state, but a gang. All institutions are part of this gang that takes orders from a thug who is mentally ill. We are a people governed by a gang. Unfortunately, all these years are filled with such stories. Rama, apart from being perverted, mean-spirited and will not know about anyone, this is a case for revenge for political reasons. DASH also made it clear. Rama's power is used to pressure a media.

I know cases when the victims of this patient were also socialists. This is not only a danger for the opponents, for the citizens, but also for the socialists themselves. The fact that several ministers or elected mayors of the SP have ended up in prison, spoils his power. This is a wake up call for everyone. If you go back to him. Rama wants to give the impression that; I don't ask about the DASH report. A challenge has been opened against the DASH report," said Paloka.

For Paloka, it is clear why the US ambassador, Juri Kim, "stitched up her mouth", since she does not represent the US but her personal interests in relation to Rama's government.

" O Yuri...O lady ambassador, representative of DASH in Albania, do you have anything to say?", asks Paloka, underlining that "Rama is challenging them with full will", which the ambassador claims that even when the opposition coughed, shoot lightning at it, do you have anything to say about Rama today? Do you have anything to say about the DASH report? Of course not that you don't represent the USA here, as you like to say, you represent the 'McGonigals' and your obligations to them and to their corruptors. Your mission here is to destroy the opposition so that Rama can survive, even though he is immersed in corruption against the interests of the country that you represent ", says the DP deputy.

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