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Manipulation of the vote/ The security camera captures the "mat" of the SP observer

Manipulation of the vote/ The security camera captures the "mat" of

The former candidate of the "Together We Win" coalition for the municipality of Kuçova, Lefter Maliqi, has published a video a little while ago on his Facebook account where it is clearly seen that the Socialist Party observer secretly inserts ballots into the counter.

Maliqi says that this is just one of the many cases of vote manipulation that has taken place in this municipality.

Maliqi also says that the ballot boxes at midnight were left at the mercy of fate with the intention of manipulating the result.

"State and electoral crime in KZAZ - in Kučovo. Watch the video of Rilindash's watcher sneaking ballots into the counter. Manipulation, theft, abandonment of KZAZ before voting, forgery of signatures, suspicious boxes with changed seals and codes. Security camera installed without proper operation at all tables.

Abandonment of boxes from 11:15 to 12:40 the night before the counting began, where over 1 hour and 20 minutes were left to the mercy of fate and miscreants. The municipality of Kučovo was robbed by the narco-state in cooperation with the oligarch Salillari.

There is no turning back until the truth is revealed! The vote of the citizens cannot be alienated, falsified, damaged, deformed, the SPAK of the Party should not remain silent. The municipality will return to the residents! ", writes Maliqi.

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