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"Millions of euros are collected for the oligarchs", Goal for the elderly: In the first term, we will double pensions

"Millions of euros are collected for the oligarchs", Goal for the

The head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta held a meeting with pensioners in Tirana. The former president declared that the current government does not take care of the elderly and vowed that in the first term of government they will double pensions.

"We are an unrewarded generation, but this also motivates us a lot to increase cooperation with you to do better. In recent years, prices have increased while pensions have remained stagnant. A simple comparison would be enough to see the government's disregard for this category. Rama has always seen pensioners as people who can just blindly vote for his party. He left almost zero care for the pensioners but infinite generosity for the oligarchs.

"We see how hundreds of millions of euros are collected from price increases and almost ¾ of them go to the interests of oligarchs and clients connected to the government. Many of you are forced to make an effort and buy the drugs yourself and many others do not have the opportunity and are left without cured."

"Not to mention other services that are important in supporting your class such as transport and other services. So I want to express once again the greatest solidarity of the Freedom Party with all of you and ensure that the support for you will be an extraordinary priority from us. We will fight for hundreds of millions of euros of Tirana Municipality to go to your support and not to the incinerators."

"We will do everything to double pensions in the first term. We will do everything to stop the departure of young men and women from our country. This is a national drama but also a social drama. This is done by creating opportunities for young people to be employed here with jobs and dignified wages. Kosovo does not have more financial opportunities compared to us. We have many times greater opportunities, but young people and pensioners are not a priority here," he declared .

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