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Target for May 14: Directors came to the polling stations with black bags of money and guns

Target for May 14: Directors came to the polling stations with black bags of

 "A well-structured state criminal operation on all levels" is how the head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, said about the May 14 election process in our country.

Speaking with facts, Meta said that directors and administrators were seen in the polling stations with black bags with money and weapons.

" This is the result of a well-structured criminal operation on all levels, and all Albanians are aware, regardless of how they voted. The operation started with Rama's decision not to register the PD in court and the control over the judiciary and the game with the seal until the registration process was completed and other consequences of the abnormal process that has happened in our country during these 32 years orchestrated by Rama and the institutions that should run the elections and the gangs and the administration. You have all seen the directors and administrators. It's criminal behavior near the polling stations, they saw 30-40 Albanians with black bags, some with money, some with weapons. The police were called, but they didn't come, they melted into one ," Meta said initially during the interview for A2NN.

With notes of optimism, Meta said that May 14 put an end to absolute monism, due to the representation of opposition municipal councilors.

" We are here because we believe in certain values ​​and fight for them and the freedom of Albanian citizens, which is more threatened than ever since the freedom to vote. It is more threatened than ever and even the freedom of property we see these days after the election. We had no illusion that Rama will be the guarantor of these processes, but let's not forget that the opposition put an end to the absolute monism of the local government, where the opposition had zero councilors. The opposition will be in all municipal councils and start a confrontation and accountability process that will have its own impact. Rama did everything to prevent our candidates from being registered and to exclude the real DP" , he continued.

He also had an answer for critics who say that they are not showing evidence and facts about the election process. According to him, they repeat Rama's thesis that they are fed by the money of the incinerators.

" All critics who feed on the money of non-existent incinerator media are free to repeat the theses of Rama and Endri Fuga. May 14, a capillary criminalized state, an extremely politicized administration, fusion of police and gangs. All citizens have seen this. "The opposition voters were pressured and their cards were taken so that they would not leave their homes and vote on May 14," concluded Meta.

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