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"Lack of incinerator ecological bomb"/ Malltezi: "Sharra" in the capacity limits for waste management

"Lack of incinerator ecological bomb"/ Malltezi: "Sharra" in

The head of the Department of Environment in DP, Jamarbër Malltezi, in a statement to the media, said that the lack of an incinerator has created an ecological bomb in the Sharra area, a few km from the center of the capital.

According to her, the waste treatment area is at the limits of the capacity for waste management.

Dear citizens:
€12 million is spent every year on Tirana's incinerator, and why it neither burns garbage nor exists. His absence has gangrenized not only the theft, but has created an ecological bomb in the Sharra area, a few km from the center of the capital. The waste treatment area is located at the limits of the capacity for waste management.
Seeing the situation, permission was urgently requested for the construction of an additional cell for the disposal of urban solid waste. But the new cell has not yet received the green light.
This means that currently Sharra is beyond the capacity of waste management.
Faktoje.al journalists have been looking for information on this issue since March, but their efforts have failed. Clearly, those who do not make transparent about the hundreds of millions of euros spent on non-existent incinerators have no reason to put the water on fire for the destruction of the environment and the air of Tirana.
In May 2018, Edi Rama, while presenting the Sharra project in a 3D video, boasted that he was proud of the incinerators and said: 'Look at how the battle for clean European Albania is being won, right in the heart of our country, through a new model of standards of European Union collection, processing and energy production from waste with zero negative impact on air and health.
Today the Elbasan incinerator does not work, the Fier one was not completed, while the incinerator does not exist in Tirana. Currently the incinerators are under seizure. SPAK pretends to investigate but without daring to go to the accusation of 'structured criminal group' and investigating frauds such as VAT theft, theft to justify works with sugar and rice invoices, the purchase of a beer line, or bathroom tiles and gifts for hotel and plane tickets.
In the end, I want to emphasize that it has been 4 years since DP has reported this affair arguing the violations of a 'structured criminal group'. However, SPAK has not agreed to (1) investigate a structured criminal group, although the same characters emerge (2) it has not investigated the procedures (3) it has not dared to express itself about Edi Rama, Engjëll Agaçi, Artur Metani, Erion Veliaj, etc. who played a decisive role in the proceedings.
Here's a question that should be asked to SPAK after 4 years of delay: Are Engjëll Agaçi & Artur Metani responsible or not for:
(i) ignoring the APP letter that the procedure was illegal,
(ii) whether the transfer of Elbasan's contract was carried out 9 procedures within a day,
(iii) the article 'impossibility of terminating the contract', &
(iv) 8 bonus points for the company that did not exist at all?
Thank you

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