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Legal changes for the commissions, Kelliçi: The majority has no more time to close the affairs worth billions of euros

Legal changes for the commissions, Kelliçi: The majority has no more time

The member of the Presidency of the DP, Belind Këlliçi, invited to Syri Tv, spoke in the evening about the changes in the law on investigative commissions by the majority.

Kelliçi emphasized that the presentation of the legal changes to the law of investigative commissions by MP Ermonela Felaj, showed that the majority no longer has time to close the multibillion-dollar affairs that have caused the state budget.

Kelliçi:  At one point, the lady was honest when she said that we don't have time anymore. There is no time because they have a lot of work to do. Time does not wait because they want to cover the multibillion-euro affairs that they have caused to the budget.

The draft report of the EU for 2023, it was written in black and white that the political situation is tense in the Parliament of Albania, one of the main reasons is the legitimate constitutional demand of the opposition to set up several investigative commissions for issues that they consider them of vital importance, to make transparency and on the other hand the insistence of the majority that the law needs changes and opinions because it is a law of 2002.

But the bottom line is that the current law remains in effect. So the law must first be implemented, if there is a definite need for amendments.


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