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"Our desolation as a nation is at stake", Berisha: Rama sings the anthem to Vuçii.. We have Turks as friends but we have the north in the EU

"Our desolation as a nation is at stake", Berisha: Rama sings the

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha held a meeting with the Democrats of Berat thanks to the May 22 race for the leader of the Democratic Party.

During his speech, Berisha attacked Prime Minister Edi Rama for obstructing the country's EU integration process, as he and President Vucic invented the Open Balkans to further expand Serbia's influence in our region.

 According to Berisha, Albanians are also friends with the Turks, but their eyes are on the west.

"We Turks have friends but we have the nord in Brussels, there is our soul, it is our western doctrine. For Rama the charlatan, irresponsible said a week ago in Brussels that if the negotiations are not opened I will see him change the direction of the country as if he has his own loot.

Our vocation is in the hands of an adventurer who has no norm in behavior.

Hymn to Vucic, he does not recognize the genocide in Bosnia that Europe never swallows. It has been sanctioned by two international courts.

He connects with Russia and China, but why should we follow his dance? The Open Balkans does not fit in with integration, it is Serbia's project to go to the Adriatic.

I have nothing to do with Serbian imports but I do not agree with their goals because two have been Russian ambitions, the Dardanelles and the Adriatic. At stake is our being, our desolation as a nation. If the citizens, the youth, leave us every year, we will have no future. Add the debt that increases it terribly. We are falling apart, as a party we are moving towards agony, but also as a society. We do not have to agree. "Albania can only be made by Albanians", said Berisha.


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