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Meta, Boçi also presented: On May 14th, change begins in Elbasan and all of Albania

Meta, Boçi also presented: On May 14th, change begins in Elbasan and all

The candidate of the opposition for the Municipality of Elbasan, Luciano Boçi, participated this Monday in a meeting with the youth of the city together with the head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta. Boçi says the point of unity of the coalition between PD and PL is youth.

"No matter how different we are, we have one very big thing in common. It's youth. When it was decided to recreate the LSI in PL, given the advantages of the rival, I was afraid that Iliri would choose the Youth Party. In fact, and PL has its meaning, there is a very large dimension inside. DP itself, for its part, is equated with youth. It was created as a student movement. Its basis has been the dreams of youth. It is this youth that has united us in this political battle", said Boçi.

The democratic deputy stated that today hope, security and the future have fallen in the country, adding that the youth has change and truth in their blood.

"Be convinced that this coalition works perfectly because within it is the desire of the youth, the mission of the youth to return Elbasan to its citizens and its youth. To bring back the happy and joyful life. We are a municipality that exports young people to Tirana and away from Albania. We have to change the situation. Luck does not come by itself. It is fate that we grab by the throat and by the throat. We love Youth. You love Elbasan and Albania. We will succeed, we will win in Elbasan and throughout Albania", said Boçi during his speech in front of the young people.

He added that Elbasan is the first municipality in the country to which more educated young people leave, while he continued by saying that according to the report on happy countries, Albania has lost some positions.

"Today the report on happy countries came out and Albania was sitting, there is no joy in life in the country. Life ends without an intellectual or sports activity, but only in the vain clubs that repeat this lifestyle that we must change", said Boçi, among other things.

We remind you that the chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, was present today at the presentation of the candidate for the municipality of Elbasan in the local elections of May 14, Luciano Boçi.

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