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Pact with Meloni, Xhaferri: Rama will use it to buy Italy's silence on corruption and crime

Pact with Meloni, Xhaferri: Rama will use it to buy Italy's silence on

The head of the FPRD, Besart Xhaferri, has referred to the RAI 3 investigation on the Rama-Meloni agreement and details that include the Secretary of the Council of Ministers, Engjëll Agaçi, as the 'hand' behind the refugee pact.

In a post on Facebook, Xhaferri writes that Rama will misuse the agreement in question to buy Italy's silence about Albanian corruption and crime, as the two obstacles to the country's integration into the EU.

Xhaferri adds that among the shadows on the agreement between the two prime ministers, there is also Engjëll Agaçi, whom RAI 3 has referred to with the term "lawyer of drug traffickers".

"Edi Rama will misuse the agreement for immigrants to buy Italy's silence on corruption and Albanian crime, the two main obstacles to integration.

I gave this warning to the Foreign Minister of Italy, Antonio Tajani, during a meeting we held in Rome a few months ago, where members of the Italian Parliament were also present.

The program "Report" on "Rai Tre" scanned the light and shadows of the agreement for immigrants where, as expected, the key man is Engjëll Agaci, otherwise known as the lawyer of the Albanian drug-trafficking bosses in Italy, for a long time the General Secretary to the Prime Minister, or the shadow man behind the incinerators.

The residents of Lezha have the legitimate right to stand up in mass protests against the camps in Gjadër and will have our unsparing support.

The journalists of "Report" in their investigation, bringing the voice of experts, evidenced the strengthening of Albanian crime in Europe precisely thanks to the connections and guarantees in the Rama government, where they brought the Xibraka file as a concrete example.

There is no doubt that removing Edi Rama from power and placing him before justice is a debt that we owe to every Albanian" , writes Xhaferri.

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