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PD for incinerators: 4 million euros of EU funding was ignored, they ran after an unsolicited proposal

PD for incinerators: 4 million euros of EU funding was ignored, they ran after

The member of the National Council, Jamarbër Malltezi, has stated again that he is being paid a lot to "continue" the so-called affair of the incinerators. According to him, 105 million euros have been stolen through incinerators so far.

In a statement from the blue headquarters, Malltezi said that not only the taxes of the Albanians were stolen, but also the funds of the European Union.

"It pays a lot to bury the affair of the incinerators, with which they have stolen 105 million euros so far, and they continue every day. Not only the money of the Albanians, but also the European taxpayers. 

The European Union has provided 4 million euros for the approximation of environmental legislation through the STEMA and Selea projects. Once the laws were synchronized, the National Waste Strategy and Plan were drawn up.

These were ignored and an unsolicited proposal for incinerators was rushed. "The incinerators contradict either the strategy or the action plan financed by the European Union, " he said.

DP has listed the other five questions on this issue, as he has decided to do every day lately: 

1. Why was the National Waste Management Strategy and Plan that were in force violated?  

2. Why was the contract signed, although APP had clarified that the procedure was illegal?

3. Did Edi Rama get into any big trouble or did he make such a big bargain that he signed a contract in violation of the law?

4. Why was it misled that the newly created company had great experience with incineration? How come Edi Rama's and Arben Ahmetaj's friends are the 'nones of incineration'?

5. What trouble or bargain forced Edi Rama to lie that 10 procedures were performed in 1 day?


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