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"For the umpteenth time, Shkodra is desecrated and trampled by pro-Serbs, narco-communists in power"

"For the umpteenth time, Shkodra is desecrated and trampled by pro-Serbs,

From Bardh Spahia

After he was killed and persecuted for 50 years, after he was killed and raped on April 2, for the umpteenth time Shkodra is desecrated and trampled by pro-Serbs, narco-communists in power.

Albanians, especially those from Shkodra, know the history well, but every November 29 they remind us that we must not forget who are the ones who today lead Albania and Shkodra.

They are the ones who, in 32 years of democracy, not only never found the courage to ask for forgiveness, but on the contrary, they express pride for the crimes of their fathers.

They are descendants of the same party founded by Serbian communists, who found an anti-Albanian criminal, ignorant and without integrity like Enver Hoxha, to lead the party founded by them and to stick the knife in Kosovo's back regarding the national issue.

The similarity with today when Edi Rama leads the narco-party in power is extraordinary and not only because communist nostalgics celebrate the day of liberation on the same date as that of the former Yugoslavia.

But why all this hatred and contempt for Shkodra, for history, for culture?

After the gangs and all the state violence stormed the city with Rama's rule and support, today it is desecrated and trampled on the suffering of the most persecuted city, the city with the largest number of political prisons, the city with 601 shot, 61 clerics killed, 136 dead in torture, 2890 prisoners and 1924 interned, honoring with fists and bringing back communist symbols, all in the presence and orchestration of the "representatives" of that local government which was stolen and taken by force, and which did not it has nothing to do with the values ​​of Shkodra and the people of Shkodra, but it serves crime and the greed of power with the servility that characterizes it.

Why all this inhuman hatred towards the suffering of people, intellectuals and good and brave patriots to whom the least sensitivity should have been expressed, that I am not claiming gratitude from the ignorant, moralless and servile who today run Shkodra and Albania?

Because these are the complete opposite of culture, knowledge or nobility. You don't have an ounce of dignity or morality in your soul if you don't feel at least human pity for the suffering of people or your fellow citizens.

Now the masks have fallen and it is quite clear what the local authorities in Shkodër and the local and central authorities throughout Albania represent. They are just a bunch of thieving, ignorant, uncultured anti-Albanians, lacking even some basic human virtues such as appreciation or empathy for human suffering.

Our society has an immediate need for moral hygiene by returning to human values, for the good and benefit of the nation and the future. Society must condemn without hesitation, without equivocation and with obligation to the nation and the future what symbolizes evil and what screams treason and for individual and national interests and prosperity.

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