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Draft Law on "Reproductive Health", Shehu: Increases the risk of abortion based on gender

Draft Law on "Reproductive Health", Shehu: Increases the risk of

MP Tritan Shehu has reacted to the draft law on "Reproductive health and assisted fertilization", which he said precedes the destruction of the family and paves the way for mafia activity that kills life.

According to him, such a law legislates surrogate pregnancies which, according to Shehu, destroys the sublime concept of the mother, and extends the period for abortion from 12 to 14 weeks, this period when the fetus in all aspects has entered the period of a formed human being.

He raises the concern that extending the period allowed for abortion increases the risk of sex-selective abortions.

Full post by Tritan SEE:

Mafia government, killer of Life and Family!

A Draft Law for "Reproductive Health and Assisted Fertilization", as in the middle of the night, the Government sends for "consultations"!

A law that precedes the destruction of the Family, paves the way for mafia activities and kills Life itself, especially the female sex!
The law aims at two criminal goals:

1-Legisrates "uterus for rent, or surrogate", that is, for a woman to carry a pregnancy, by "renting" another's "eggs"!

This act, which destroys the sublime concept of "mother", turns the child into a "commodity", attacks the dignity of the child and the woman.

Thus distorting the true family, human nature, leading further to the very dangerous concept:

Parent 1, parent 2, parent 3 and so on, to turn human society into a "real herd of cattle".

This legal change, which is disputed in most of the world, will turn Albania into a center of biological and human trafficking, in the service of some mafia circles inside and outside the country.

2- The law extends the period of non-medical abortion from 12 weeks to 14 weeks, the period when the fetus in all aspects has entered the period of a formed human being.

Also, the proposed Criminal Law shortens and truncates all the existing stages and procedures of women's counseling, before the decision on abortion.

So instead of us fighting to limit abortion, at a time when Albania has over 220 abortions per 1000 births, over 3000 lives lost from abortions declared in the last 5 years.

When births have dropped to 1.4 per woman from 2.1, which is the minimum for society's survival....

This Law will worsen these parameters and endanger the existence of Albanians.

Even worse, the extension of the period for abortion also puts you in the space of identifying the sex of the fetus.

As such, it also legislates selective abortions, criminal abortions, which have illegally killed 33,000 female fetuses since 1990.

Bringing our male/female ratio to 112/100 from 105/100, which is the survival rate.

I call on all public opinion, responsible members of parliament, religious communities, medical colleagues, Pro-Life and Pro-Family organizations, the media, everyone who wants to protect Values, Family, Life, to mobilize in denouncing this criminal act , mafia, destructive for society.

Let's be aware of one thing, this draft law warns of other anti-humanity laws, such as those for "gay, trans, etc. sexual marriages", the gender of the numerical parent, etc., the destruction of what is most sacred to man for his existence.

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